Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI)

CCEI is highly developed cyber crime investigation course pioneered by Pristine InfoSolutions in India covering all major aspects of cyber crime investigation techniques in a real world and the various legal issues involved.

CCEI - Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator is the most advanced computer forensics training presenting detailed methodological approach to cyber crime investigation and evidence analysis. It is a comprehensive course covering major investigation scenarios that enables students to acquire necessary hands-on experience on various cyber crime investigation techniques and standard forensic tools necessary to successfully carryout a cyber crime investigation leading to prosecution of perpetrators.

Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI) training enables personnel to detect hacking attacks by executing computer investigation and analysis techniques to determine potential legal evidence to report the crime. Each participant will acquire the necessary skills to identify an intruder's footprints, investigate Cyber Crime, Cyber Laws involved, rules of evidence and digital evidence examination process to properly gather the necessary evidence to prosecute and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.

Participants of this Cyber Crime Investigation training course will become aware of the new tools available to forensic investigators required to solve this new breed of crime.

Pristine InfoSolutions CCEI training covers many of the aspects of cybercrime including basic forensic analysis of computers involved in investigations, hacker behaviour, basic evidence recovery, cybercrime response, storage forensics and e-commerce crimes.

1. Cyber Crime And Investigation: Introduction
  • Profiling Cyber Criminals
  • Evolution of Cyber Crime
  • Concepts and Keywords
  • Standard Processes of Investigator
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Intro to First Respondent Team
2. Common Types Of Crimes
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Domain name Dispute
  • Defamation Cases
  • Cyber Stalking cases
  • Online Harassment
  • Online extortion
  • Illegal fund transfers
  • Phishing
  • 419 Scam
  • Ransomware
  • Data Breach
  • DoS and DDoS
  • Web based illegal activities
  • Malware
3. Criminal Tracing Skills
  • Role of IANA and ICANN
  • Guidelines & Policies
  • Finding Identity
  • Tracing Geo-IP Location
  • Email Backtrack
  • Tools to trace
4. Steganography
  • Introductions
  • Cryptography v/s Stenography
  • Information Hiding
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Water marking
5. Social Network Investigation And Analysis
  • Fundamental of Social Networking
  • Information gathering in Social Network
  1. People searching
  2. OSINT
  3. Deep Web
  • Alias Social Network Profiles
  • Social Profiling
  • Tools and Techniques


6. Acquisition & Duplication
  • Introduction
  • ACQUISITION Methods & Formats
  • Identifying best ACQUISITION Method
  • Cloning & Imaging
  • Disk Imaging Linux / Windows
  • RAID Disk
  • Hardware / Software
7. Web Based Illegal Activities
  • Rights of Domain name owner
  • Lifecycle of Domain name
  • Misuse of Add Grace Period
  • Domain squatting
8. Analyzing And Investigating Deleted Data
  • Preparing for Raid and Seizing
  • Stems
  • Meta Data
  • Recovering Deleted Data
  • Reviewing 
9. Intellectual Property Theft
  • Types of Malware
  • Tracing Hacker involved in injecting Malware
10. Investigating Emails
  • Crime over Emails
  • Mailing Clients Vulnerability
  • Spoof Emails
  • Email Spamming
  • Email Scam
  • Tracing Email sender & Recipient
  • Case studies
11. Legal Challenges And Solutions In Fighting Cybercrime
  • Lack of Evidence
  • Password Protected Data of Criminals
  • Ways to break Password
  • Hackers hiding identity while Committing Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Proxy Bouncing
  • 0Day attacks
  • Honeypot
  • Webjacking
12. Cyber Law And Consulting
  • What is Cyber Law
  • Types of Crimes
  • IT Act, 2000
  • Blogs & Blogger's rights & limitation
  • Uniform Domain Dispute
  • Resolution Policy
  • Trademark & Copyright Infringement
  • Central Acts & State Acts
13. Crimes Over Mobile Phone
  • Stealing Chat conversations
  • Spying through cell phone
  • Tracing lost Cell phone
  • Call Spoofing
14. Cyber Crimes Live Response
  • Reporting most common crimes
  • Suspect Stalking
  • Suspect Bulling
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Expert Witness
  • Role & types of Expert Witness
  • Technical witness & Expert Witness
  • Testifying in the court of Law










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