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Is Your Zoom Safe?

Indian CERT-In Discovers Criti...Read more

Widespread Putty Vulnerability!

Millions of Users at Risk from...Read more

Protect Your Crypto!

Protect Yourself from iMessage...Read more

Day 3:Exploring HTTP Responses!

Learn how servers communicate ...Read more

Day 2: Decoding HTTP: Requests & Responses!

The secrets of how the interne...Read more

DAY 1: Understanding HTTPS!

Learn how websites talk to eac...Read more

MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1!

Upgrade your Mac today for a s...Read more

Protect Your Device!

iOS 17.4.1 Update Targets Secu...Read more

Remote Job Risks!

Avoid Scams and Land Your Drea...Read more

Chrome Beefs Up Security!

Google Chrome's Real-Time Phis...Read more

Guard Your Android

Government's Call to Secure Yo...Read more

Unveiling a Disturbing Trend

AI-Powered Scams on the Rise!...Read more

Fake Fare?

Travel Dreams or Scam Schemes?...Read more

iPhone Update 17.4!

Patch Now for Critical Securit...Read more

Time to Freeze?

AmEx Credit Cards Exposed in T...Read more

Don't be a Mule! 

Learn How to Avoid This Sneaky...Read more

The Rise of Smishing!

Don't let a text message scam ...Read more

Don't Be a Target!

Protect Your Windows PC with t...Read more

Joomla Alert!

Update Now to Patch Critical X...Read more

WordPress Security Alert!

Update Ultimate Member Plugin ...Read more

Unplug the Risk!

Remove the Deprecated VMware A...Read more

Securing Your Privacy!

Best Practices for Protecting ...Read more

Workshop Update!

Ethical Hacking and Cybersecur...Read more

Protect Yourself Now!

New Gold Pickaxe Malware Targe...Read more

Data Breach Alert!

200,000 Facebook Marketplace U...Read more

Activate Now!

Get iPhone Stolen Device Prote...Read more

Social Phishing Alert!

Facebook Job Ads Used to Distr...Read more

Protecting Your Kids!

A Parent's Guide to Social Med...Read more

Hold Your Dates! 

Outlook's December Update Trig...Read more

Container Cracks!

Leaky Vessels Vulnerabilities ...Read more

AnyDesk Under Attack!

The AnyDesk Breach You Need to...Read more

India Doubles Defense!

India's Government Prioritizes...Read more

Think Before You Click!

Don't Fall for Phishing Scams ...Read more

Don't Get Phished!

Don't Let Fake Antivirus Scam ...Read more

Update Alert!

New iPhone Update Ready for Do...Read more

A Social Media Security Guide!

Your Essential Guide to Online...Read more

Pwned or Protected?

Follow These Steps to Check fo...Read more

Don't Get Scammed!

Your Ultimate Guide to Staying...Read more

National Security at Risk! 

Critical Security Flaw Exposes...Read more

Millions Exposed! 

Update Your ACF Plugin or Face...Read more

Securing Your Aadhaar!

Easy Steps to Locking Your Aad...Read more

Free Ram Darshan? 

Big Trap! Don't Fall for Ayodh...Read more

Delete Before Too Late!

13 Android Apps You Should Uni...Read more

Babuk Bites the Dust! 

Free Decryptor Saves Your File...Read more

Attention Pensioners! 

Your Data Might Be at Risk!...Read more

Email Overload?

Build a Spam-Proof Inbox with ...Read more

Stay Safe on WhatsApp!

Tips to Avoid WhatsApp Scams....Read more

Click Trap! 

Avoid Sticky Online Ad Schemes...Read more

Chrome Upgrade Alert!

Level Up Your Security!...Read more

Insta Under Attack!

Phishing Wave Targets Backup C...Read more

Don't Be Fooled! 

Keep Your E-Wallet Happy!...Read more


Freedom Ticket or Financial Tr...Read more

Surfing Dangerously? 

Don't Get Hacked: Update Chrom...Read more

Smartphone Survival Guide!

6 Mistakes That Could Cost You...Read more

Keep Your Passwords Safe!

AutoSpill is Here to Steal You...Read more

No Escape From NoEscape! 

Ransomware Reborn to Target Bu...Read more

Before You Share, Be Aware!

8 Tips to Protect Your Privacy...Read more

UPI Scams!

A Guide to Safeguarding Your D...Read more

Protect Your Mac! 

Pirated Software Can Turn Your...Read more

Keep Your Secrets Safe!

WhatsApp's New Secret Code Fea...Read more

Update to iOS 17.1.2!

Get all the latest bug fixes a...Read more

Forex Trading Caution!

RBI Warns Against 19 Unauthori...Read more

Trust the Journey!

​​​​​​​Google Ma...Read more

Fraud Alert!

Beware of Smart Deals and Luck...Read more

Inactive Google Account Alert!

Google Initiates Deletion of I...Read more

Google Bard App Alert!

Why to Avoid Google Bard App D...Read more

Click with Caution!

7 WhatsApp and SMS Scams to Av...Read more

Safeguard Your Identity!

How to Easily Obtain a Masked ...Read more

Courier Scams!

Be Wary of Unsolicited Deliver...Read more

Call Forwarding Scam!

What You Need to Know to Stay ...Read more

Aadhaar Data Leak!

A Major Data Breach Exposes Pe...Read more

Cryptocurrency Theft!

LastPass Breach Linked to $4.4...Read more

Android Users Beware!

Adware Apps Infect Millions of...Read more

Don't Miss Out!

Upgrade Today!

Dialing Up Danger! 

Guarding Your Money from Vishi...Read more

Ransomware Reinvented!

BlackCat's 'Munchkin' Takes Cy...Read more

Admin Portal Security!

It's Time to Take Password Sec...Read more

Knowledge-Sharing Event!

Global Care Foundation, in col...Read more

A Scam That's Not Worth the Risk!

Don't Buy Fake World Cup Match...Read more

views of our CTO and founder, Mr. Rizwan Shaikh

We are delighted to inform you...Read more

Android OS Security Alert!

Update Your Android Device Now...Read more

NoEscape Ransomware!

Take Steps to Protect Yourself...Read more

Don't fall for the trap!

Stay one step ahead of the sca...Read more

Beware of LuaDream Malware!

A New Threat to Be Aware Of....Read more

Google's New Rules!

A Cleaner Gmail Inbox Is on th...Read more

Government Warns!

Google Chrome Vulnerabilities ...Read more

WhatsApp's Latest Move!

Parting Ways with Old Androids...Read more

Cisco's Splunk Acquisition!

A Bold Bet on the Future of Cy...Read more

Apple's Emergency Update!

Apple Addresses 3 Zero-Days Ex...Read more

Microsoft Products at Risk!

Update Your Microsoft Products...Read more

iOS 17: The Future is Here!

Your iPhone, More Personal and...Read more

MGM Casino Ransomware Attack!

ESXi servers targeted, gaming ...Read more

Android Security Alert!

Multiple Vulnerabilities Could...Read more

Privacy Breach Alert!

AYUSH Jharkhand Hack Exposes 3...Read more

Protect Your iPhone!

iOS 16.6.1 is Here to Secure Y...Read more

Users at Risk of Attack! 

Critical Vulnerabilities in VM...Read more

Forever 21 Data Breach!

Your Personal Information May ...Read more

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Guarding Your Digital Celebrat...Read more

Thief-Proof Your iPhone!

Easy Ways to Keep Your iPhone ...Read more

Guarding Your Wallet!

The Growing Challenge of QR Co...Read more

Linux Locker Alert!

Monti Ransomware's Dark Transf...Read more

App Cleanup Alert!

Google Removes 22 Malicious Ap...Read more

Threat Alert!

Vulnerabilities Found in Andro...Read more

Chrome Users, Stay Alert!

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Go...Read more

Heads Up, Travelers! 

Don't Fall for the IRCTC App S...Read more

Tax Refund Scam Alert! 

I-T Department Warns of Phishi...Read more

Critical Flaw Exposed!

OpenSSH Falls Victim to Remote...Read more

Account Cleanup Alert!

Google's Inactive Account Clea...Read more

LokiBot Strikes Word!

Safeguarding Your Confidential...Read more

Beware of 'AKIRA' Ransomware!

Government Alerts Public to 'A...Read more

Vulnerability Disclosure!

Apple Products Affected by Sev...Read more

Urgent Alert

Urgent Alert

Enhanced Phishing Protection!

New Phishing Protection Featur...Read more

Critical Flaw Fixed!

Adobe Patches ColdFusion Flaw ...Read more

Protect Against Attacks!

Critical Vulnerabilities in Sc...Read more

Don't Fall Victim!

Cybercrooks Exploit WooCommerc...Read more

The hidden danger of USB drives!

SOGU and SNOWYDRIVE Malware at...Read more

Phishing Reinvented!

WormGPT Takes the Stage. ...Read more

Fortinet Devices at Risk!

Critical Remote Code Execution...Read more

Microsoft's Warning!

Active Exploitation of Unpatch...Read more

iOS 16.5.1 (c) Rolled Out!

Urgent iPhone Security Update....Read more

App Store Security! 

Apple Bans 6 Predatory Loan Ap...Read more

Securing the Future!

Exclusive session on Cyber Sec...Read more

Into the Breach!

Confronting the Multitude of V...Read more

Critical Vulnerability Alert!

Medtronic Paceart Optima at Ri...Read more

Letscall Malware!

The Rise of High-Tech Vishing....Read more

Security Alert!

Qubo Smart Video Doorbell Vuln...Read more

Unwanted Websites?

Unlink Your Gmail in Easy Step...Read more

Secure Your Router!

ASUS Urges Patching Critical V...Read more

BrutePrint Exposed!

BrutePrint's Impact on Fingerp...Read more

Safari Alert!

High-Risk Code Execution in Ap...Read more

Secure Browsing Made Easy!

Top Tips for Online Safety....Read more

The Rising Threat!

Techie Falls Victim to Rs 1.97...Read more

iOS 16.5.1 Update!

Essential for iPhone Users....Read more

Unwanted calls be gone! 

WhatsApp introduces 'Silence U...Read more

GravityRAT Strikes Again!

Now targeting WhatsApp backups...Read more

From Home to Safe Zone!

Essential Security Best Practi...Read more

Firefox Vulnerabilities! 

Code Execution at Risk. ...Read more

High-Risk Security Breach!

(CVE-2023-3079) Detected in Go...Read more

Take control of your privacy!

Uninstall these Android apps r...Read more

Beware of the WhatsApp Pink Scam! 

Stay Alert, Stay Safe....Read more

Protect Your Android!

Urgent Action Required Against...Read more

Securing Your IoT Devices!

Protecting Your Connected Worl...Read more

SQL Injection Threat!

CVE-2023-34362 Endangers Data ...Read more

Silent Intruders!

60,000+ Android Apps Infected ...Read more

Big Action by WhatsApp in India!

Millions of Accounts Banned br...Read more

Mobile Security!

Protecting Your Digital Kingdo...Read more

Unlocking Assurance!

SOC 2 Reports as the Key to Co...Read more

Hacker's Treasure!

478K+ RaidForums Members' Data...Read more

Guard Your Finances!

Prevent UPI Fraud and Safeguar...Read more

Securing Her Online Sanctuary! 

Cyber Safety Strategies for Wo...Read more

Keeping Your Data Safe!

Essential Tips for Protecting ...Read more

Massive Security Breach Detected!

Security Vulnerability Found i...Read more

Beware of 'Royal' Ransomware!

CERT-In Issues Warning Against...Read more

Certify Your Cybersecurity Skills!

Become a Certified Ethical Hac...Read more

CACTUS: New Ransomware Attack!

Double extortion tactics used ...Read more

Transform Your Career!

Protect and Investigate with E...Read more

Become an Expert in Cybersecurity!

Get Hands-On Experience in Pen...Read more

Are you curious about hacking?

Unlock the potential of Ethica...Read more

Scammers on WhatsApp!

International Numbers Targetin...Read more

Safety First!

Keeping Your Kids Safe in a Di...Read more

Passkeys Replacing Passwords!

Say goodbye to the hassle of r...Read more

Fortify Your iOS Device!

First Rapid Security Response ...Read more

Relief from spam calls!

Unwanted communication calls f...Read more

Government Blocks 14 Mobile Apps!

Indian Government Takes Preemp...Read more

UPSRTC Customers Beware!

Ticket Website Hit by Cyberatt...Read more

Stay Alert and Informed!

Don't Let the Gpay Scammers St...Read more

Be Cyber-Savvy!

Secure Your Gmail Today....Read more

Mac Users Beware!

Mac Devices Now Targeted by Lo...Read more

RentoMojo Data Breach!

RentoMojo Becomes Latest Victi...Read more

Public Wi-Fi Security!

Tips for Safe and Secure Brows...Read more

Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals

FBI Urges Public to Avoid Uns...Read more

Attention Android users!

Stay safe and protect yourself...Read more

Stay Safe Online!

Google Urges Users to Update C...Read more

Double Down on Security

The Benefits of Two-Factor Aut...Read more

Protect yourself from juicy scams!

Don't be the next victim: Stay...Read more

Join the ChatGPT Bug Hunt

Help to secure AI language mod...Read more

How to keep a strong and secure password?

Here are some measures to make...Read more

How to Protect from fake websites?

Here are few tips to stay safe...Read more

Is your Phone Stolen or Lost?

Things to do immediately if yo...Read more

3 Hidden Settings of Chrome Browser you must be unaware.

3 Hidden Settings of Chrome Br...Read more

Malicious ChatGPT Chrome Extension Hacks Facebook Accounts.

On 14th March, 2023, Google re...Read more

Measures to safeguard against fraudulent calls and messages.

We have listed out some counte...Read more

Urgent Security Update from Apple

Apple said in a new advisory: ...Read more

Free Demo conducted on CISEH

Certified Information Security...Read more

Windows CRITICAL Security Patch Update

Microsoft has released a secur...Read more

Urgent iOS Security Update

Update your iOS devices to fix...Read more

232 Apps Blocked by Indian Government

Indian government has blocked ...Read more

Large Ransomware Attack on ESXi Servers

Check out these steps mentione...Read more

Happy Republic Day!

Cyber News!!

Recent patched vulnerability o...Read more

PayPal Data Breach.

News of the day. ...Read more

YouTube channel of Kerala Police Hacked

Learn how to keep your account...Read more

Security Alert!!

Data of 2.5 billion google chr...Read more

Attention all Zoho users!!

Happy Makar Sankranti

Ministerial Staff Training Unit Income Tax Department.

News alert!!!

न्यूज पीसीएमसी नेटवर्क

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking workshop for students and staff.

Happy New Year

Live Demo on Ethical Hacking

Christmas Offer


CERT-In guidelines

Adapt these ways to minimize the risk associated with cryptography.

Principles of Cryptography

What is Cryptography

Safety Tips for Cyberbullying

Effects of Cyberbullying


Childrens Day

Google reward

Hidden Facebook Tool

Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI) Certification.

Certified Android Application Developer (CAAD) Certification.


We are hiring!

Ways to prevent Insider Threats

Types of Insider Threats

What is an Insider Threat?

A new version of the Drinik Android trojan targets 18 Indian banks.

Seminar at Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering & Technology

Get a globally recognized certificate in Cybersecurity

Happy Diwali to all!

How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks!

Types of Social Engineering Attacks

About Social Engineering Attack!!

Seminar on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security for the BSc Computer Science & IT students

Card details of more than 9 million users leaked.

Session for students pursuing Post Graduation Diploma in Cyber Laws from Mumbai University.

What would you do to recover data from your broken smartphone?

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